Treat yourself…and your beard! DIY Beard Oil

Treat yourself…and your beard!

DIY Beard Oil

Here in the Pacific Northwest we know how to appreciate a good beard!  So many products today, especially for men, are filled with chemicals and ingredients foreign to our bodies. We care about what goes into our bodies, but lets care about what we put on the outside as well.  Our skin is our largest organ after all, so let’s nourish it! This month as we focus on men, I challenge you to start making your own products!  Treat yourself and your facial hair to a little extra tender loving care.  This beard oil will have your face soaking up all the goodness while stimulating it to shed old skin cells and helping it grow long and strong.

*Before you begin make sure you have a glass container for your mixture. I recommend a 1 or 2 ounce glass bottle with a dropper. It is important to use glass containers when working with essential oils to best preserve the product and prevent corroding of your container.

Start with a base- that is your ‘carrier oil’.  I did a combination of several oils all beneficial in their own ways, but if you only have access to only one or two of these that’s fine too!

2 parts Grapeseed Oil
1 part Almond Oil
1 part Apricot Oil
1/2 part Aloe Vera (Liquid)

Now add in your essential oils:
For a 1 oz bottle you only need a few drops of each.  Essential oils are highly concentrated forms of plant matter.

6 drops Rosemary E.O.
4 drops Peppermint E.O.
2 drops Douglas Fir E.O.
2 drops Rose Geranium E.O.

Add your essential oils to your carrier oil mixture, shake and enjoy!

How to use:
Use morning and night. Apply a dropperful (or more depending on length and density of hair) into your hands and mix into your beard. Giving a good comb through using either a small beard brush or your fingers allows for proper distribution of the product and is a nice opportunity to give your face and beard a little massage and extra attention for the moment. Leave in and go, its that simple!

*Just like your food make sure the ingredients you are buying for your products are organic. Unrefined carrier oils are best, as are cold pressed versions of nut oils. A cold pressed extraction allows the most nutrients to remain in your product, therefore more nutrients for you!

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Vicky Madruga

Nothing has ever made me feel quite as accepted as when the plants began to invite me into their family. Working with herbs has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I believe that if we truly listen they will share worlds of ancient secrets and magic with us. My path into herbalism began years ago when I found I had wandered into an herb shop not knowing why or what I was looking for. I spoke with a woman revealing parts of myself I had no intention of letting anyone into and I left with my first plant allies that stay true to my heart this day. Finding comfort in a cup of tea or strength in a formula is like basking in the sun on a warm day or smelling the salt in the air as you approach the ocean. I strive to bring that feeling to those around me through the plants and the energy and body work I perform.

The plants have been with us all through our life, but sometimes we lose that connection and I feel a special gift to offer that back to those who need it. Exploring the world feeds my soul and helps me to better understand where my place in this healing community is. When I traveled through South America, I had the privilege to work with Shamans and participate in many plant ceremonies. I learned to honor the land and honor my body. During this time I also received my first Reiki attunement and began to harness my powers as an energy worker and further develop my meditation and techniques for grounding and healing.

As an herbalist, cranial sacral therapist and energy worker I believe in a holistic approach to treating the body and find that herbal medicine is both gentle and powerfully profound in this realm. I feel lucky to hear the plants and to share their wonders and joys with those around me.

I feel a gift in connecting with people and am so grateful to work in a field that I respect and love so much.

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