Tea of the Month: Power Berry Immunity Tea

Power Berry Immunity Tea



Our Power Berry Tea is named after one of our favorite ways to build up the immune system, Sambucus Nigra or more commonly known as Elderberry! Elderberries have been used for thousands of years for their powerful ability to help the body fight infection, colds and viral attacks. Also, Elderberry actually contains more antioxidant qualities than most notable antioxidant packed berries including Blueberry, Goji berry and Cranberry. Combined with Vitamin C packed Hibiscus, infection fighting Calendula, anti-viral soothing Licorice, and immune boosting Echinacea and Astragulus, this blend will leave you feeling strong and powerful to
combat whatever comes your way!

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Nicole Worthington

Nicole Worthington has been drawn to the Pacific Northwest much of her life, but finally made the jump to Portland a few summers back. With a background in cooking, Yoga, and the healing power of food, Herbalism has been a wonderful addition to her life energetically and physically. The plants have provided much solace and healing during a time of loss and grief, as well as providing overall balance in the body and mind. Nicole is confident that Herbalism is the Peoples’ Medicine, and by making a cup of tea you are already denying oppressive systems that reject self care and complete wellness. Nicole has learned much from the plants and spends time honoring, listening, and being open to all the wisdom they have to offer. Nicole feels blessed to continue her journey with all the beautiful beings here at The Herb Shoppe and is excited to share the knowledge and insight she has learned with an open heart and mind.

When Nicole is not learning from the plants, she can be found immersed in a thrift store, goofing around with friends, or listening to records while playing in the kitchen. :)

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Where are the complete brewing instructions on this tea blend?


Hi Annielee!
I would recommend either doing a slow decoction by doing a slow simmer on the lowest setting in a pot with a lid (letting steam out will allow the medicine to dissipate into the air) OR letting steep in a mason jar with a lid on it for 4-8 hours. Hope this helps!

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