Tea Blend of the Month: Yin Yang Synergy

Yin Yang Synergy Tea is formulated to promote reproductive and sexual health in people of all genders and anatomies! Our goal was to create a tonic blend that would not conflict with hormonal birth control or HRT. We chose herbs to calm inflammation, prevent pelvic congestion, provide vitamins key to tissue health, support the liver’s role in hormone production, and promote centered sexuality and fulfilling sexual experience. As the name suggests, Yin Yang Synergy is also crafted with an eye towards energetics, helping to balance yin and yang, heat and cool, stability and flow.

Raspberry leaf is one of Western herbalism’s favorite reproductive tonics: it lends a cooling, flowing yin energy. Through its astringency, mild diuretic effect, and impressive vitamin content, it nourishes and tones the urinary and reproductive systems.

Oatstraw and Schizandra are both adaptogens with an affinity for the reproductive system. Oatstraw is highly nutritive, while Schizandra is renowned in Chinese medicine for its balanced energy (it features all 5 flavors recognized in TCM!). As adaptogens, Oatstraw and Schizandra can gently help the body regulate hormone production and libido/sexual performance. They do not have direct hormonal effects though, and thus, are generally considered safe for use with HRT/hormonal birth control. They also boast anti-anxiety properties, and, in the context of the blend, can help address any anxiety around sexuality.

This effect is strengthened by Damiana–a yang tonic–aphrodisiac and antidepressant often recommended against depression that relates to or impacts sexuality.

Wild yam is a soothing liver tonic. It calms inflammation and supports the liver, an organ key to hormone production.

Sarsaparilla also provides liver support, and is renowned in Ayurveda as a sexual health tonic.

Angelica is a blood-moving, chi-moving herb, included to keep vital force freely circulating.

Finally, Rosehips provides vitamin C, and Licorice harmonizes the blend and adds a subtle hint of sweetness!


Ingredients: red raspberry leaf, oatstraw, wild yam, sarsaparilla, damiana, schizandra berry, licorice, angelica, rose hips

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