Tea Blend of the Month: Star Power!

Become the star you are!

This tea blend is formulated to help you release that which binds you- be that stubborn fat cells, water retention, fatigue/mental fog or even your own limiting thought processes!  Drink to your health, to release, to falling leaves, to new beginnings, to all good things.

Yerba Mate– helps reduce water retention, decreases appetite, produces more bile, softens stool
Eleuthero– harmonizes and brings balance, destresses, energizes
Chickweed-releases that which no longer serves us (stubborn fat cells or water)
Ginger– stimulates digestion, warms the blood, creates cohesiveness
Dandelion leaf-high mineral content, nutrient dense, detoxifying, diuretic, grounding
Cinnamon-moves and cleanses blood, uplifts and energizes
Peppermint-to bring clarity and alertness, better decision making abilities, brightens
Gymnema– curbs sugar cravings, balances blood sugar, settles erratic habitual energy

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