Roll-On Bug Bite Relief Recipe

Summer is all about spending time outdoors. With that comes the fight with the mosquitoes. When mosquitoes bite, try this roll on blend to calm the itch and to heal the bite within a few hours. Aloe vera is a powerful anti inflammatory which will work to calm and cool the irritated skin. Plantain has vulnerary properties, or wound healing properties, and is known to draw out the icky stuff. Lavender is a super soother, calming both you and the bite.


What you’ll need: 

One small roll on bottle

100% aloe vera gel or juice

Plantain leaves

Lavender Essential Oil



Crush leaves, and place into bottle. Pour in Aloe Vera, add 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

A quick and simple way to cure you of those itches. Every time it itches just roll on some of this blend to cool the area and I promise you will soon forget you even got bit! It’s simple recipes like these that remind me that I am in control when it comes to what I put on or in my body. That something so simple can be so potent and extremely useful!

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