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Nothing can be more stressful or strenuous than feeling as though there isn’t possibly enough time in the day. Multitasking can be beneficial, but more often than not, it becomes overwhelming and a great challenge for folks. During the winter we feel the pressure to keep moving at a rapid rate in order to meet the demands of our daily lives. I encourage you however, to slow down! Take time to rest your body and your mind.

Below is a recipe for a calming candle that doubles as a salve. As you light the candle to unwind from your day, dip your fingers in the warm wax and gently smooth over your skin when wax is at a comfortable temperature. Rub over your chest and temples, take a deep breath and let the day go.

This month as we focus on our mental health, I encourage you to make time for yourself. Every night as you enter your room, light the candle and allow yourself the opportunity to step away from the stress. I’ve given you a recipe to follow below, but get crafty and blend to your own liking!


Herbal oil of rose and jasmine will soften and nourish your skin, rose will also help you to take those deep heart breaths. Let the calming essential oils of cedar and lavender ground you and offer support through these dark winters. With the flower essence of Angelica to spiritualize your thinking and to make the mind more meditative and spiritually active. Combined with soy and beeswax for a nice smooth texture and shea butter to leave your skin feeling as soft as the blanket you want to wrap up in.


What you will need:


1oz Beeswax

1oz Soy wax

1oz Shea or Cocoa butter

1oz infused Jojoba Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Cedar Essential Oil

Candle Wick

Jar for your candle

Pot for melting the wax




First start by prepping your jar. It can be challenging to get your candle wick to stay in place once the hot oil gets added to your jar so I like to put a little bit of tape or glue stick on the bottom of the wick and then you can smush it right to the bottom of the jar.


I like to prep my essential oils before I start melting my ingredients down so I can play with the scent. Add a tablespoon or two of oil in a small bowl, drop in your essential oils and mix. What do ya think? This is the best time to add more of any aroma you want to come through or even another oil if thats what you’re being called to do. Make it your own!


Next you want to infuse your oil with the rose and lavender. You have many options for ways to do this, if you are not familiar check out my article on infusing oils!



Set up your double boiler. I like this method because it does not scorch the ingredients like you can when your pot is directly over the heat.


Turn the heat to medium and add in your oil to the pot, getting it nice and warm.


Then add in your beeswax

Next add in the Soy wax and Shea butter stirring frequently. The stirring helps all the ingredients blend together smoothly and speeds up the process.


This is the point I always do the spoon test! You might want your candle to be softer or harder so the spoon test will give you the opportunity to test it out and see if you want to make any adjustments. Take a tablespoon of your ingredients and place in the freezer for 2-4 minutes. Once hardened you can remove from freezer and warm it up with your fingers. Is the mixture too soft for your liking? – Add more beeswax. Mixture too hard? – Add more oil. This is your product so adapt to your liking!


Once you have the consistency you want turn the heat off and drop in your essential oil mix.


Give it a good stir and drain mixture into your candle jar.


Let sit for several hours to fully harden.


Trim the candle wick down and enjoy.



When I sit before my candle I try to connect to the Angelica flower and all that she is offering to me and to my space. I repeat the mantra, “My mind is clear, My heart is full, I am grounded and grateful.” Taking deep breaths and allowing this time to be sacred. You are more than welcome to use this mantra or to come up with one that works for you.


Many blessing dear ones!

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Nothing has ever made me feel quite as accepted as when the plants began to invite me into their family. Working with herbs has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I believe that if we truly listen they will share worlds of ancient secrets and magic with us. My path into herbalism began years ago when I found I had wandered into an herb shop not knowing why or what I was looking for. I spoke with a woman revealing parts of myself I had no intention of letting anyone into and I left with my first plant allies that stay true to my heart this day. Finding comfort in a cup of tea or strength in a formula is like basking in the sun on a warm day or smelling the salt in the air as you approach the ocean. I strive to bring that feeling to those around me through the plants and the energy and body work I perform.

The plants have been with us all through our life, but sometimes we lose that connection and I feel a special gift to offer that back to those who need it. Exploring the world feeds my soul and helps me to better understand where my place in this healing community is. When I traveled through South America, I had the privilege to work with Shamans and participate in many plant ceremonies. I learned to honor the land and honor my body. During this time I also received my first Reiki attunement and began to harness my powers as an energy worker and further develop my meditation and techniques for grounding and healing.

As an herbalist, cranial sacral therapist and energy worker I believe in a holistic approach to treating the body and find that herbal medicine is both gentle and powerfully profound in this realm. I feel lucky to hear the plants and to share their wonders and joys with those around me.

I feel a gift in connecting with people and am so grateful to work in a field that I respect and love so much.

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