How To: Lessen Colic in Babies


This gentle herb is a wonderful remedy for teething in babies as well as lowering fevers, easing indigestion, restlessness, and (applied topically in a salve) healing diaper rash. Having one of those days when your baby just won’t stop crying and your nerves are worn thin? Chamomile tea will calm you both! It is especially well suited for reducing conditions where there is heat, tension, intolerance to pain, ear aches, whining and aversion to being touched or soothed. Well known herbalist Matthew Wood describes Chamomile as the perfect “remedy for babies of any age.”

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Jenny West
Jenny West
4 years ago

My breastfeeding little one had severe colic and gas issues. He was on Zantac but it didn’t work too much and still my baby had colic symptoms. Finally, put him on babies magic tea, a natural herbal formula and within a couple of days he was a super happy baby.

3 years ago
Reply to  Jenny West

Yay!! We love hearing success stories involving herbalism, especially with little ones! Glad his colic has lessened so he can get back to the important things- figuring out how to be a human being!

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