Golden Hour Bath Soak Recipe

With the season shifting—and Virgo calling us in to get organized—baths are in order to recenter, get grounded, and shift the ethos. It is also a perfect excuse to use all those lovely freshly dried flowers you grew all summer long. In this recipe I’ve included the dried flowers i’ve cultivated this season, feel free to substitute as you wish. This is a good basic recipe to customize anyway you’d like.


Golden Hour Bath Soak~ Makes One Bath

1 cup of Epsom Salt

1 tablespoon Baking Soda

2 tablespoons Red Moroccan Clay

2 tsp Herbal Infused oil of California Poppy

40 drops Rose Absolute

10 drops Cedarwood

5 drops Chamomile

¼ cup dried or fresh Calendula Flowers

Handful of dried or fresh Chamomile Flowers

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