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Create Space: Learning Our Edges With Boundary Plants with Dana Aronson

July 8 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

How can we build in our awareness of self and where we are giving our energy? Setting boundaries is not about cutting off or detachment, it is about learning our edges, our self respect and power. It is about opening up while protecting the perimeter. This is where we begin to feel more content, fulfilled, and vitalized. This will help us so we can relish in life to the highest degree in our full power. Plants are powerful teachers when it comes to applying boundaries. We see plants stake their ground and claim it as their own. Some will invite other plants to live together harmoniously, and others will not be welcome. Plants teach us boundaries through poisons, thorns, stings, smell and root structures. We call on these plants when we are in need of a little extra support. Each plant offers a unique story, medicine and armor.
Trained as a clinical herbalist, Dana takes joy in community based, hands on learning. She focuses her studies on bio-regional plants from the Pacific North West and intertwines them into her small practice based in Southern Oregon. After finishing a 3-year clinical herbalism program in California, she found her curiosity leading her to assisting in herbal pop up clinics. Her most recent project has been offering herbal wound care for a needle exchange program and working with unhoused folks. Along with pop up clinics, she teaches in the classroom, through community herb walks, and cultivates her product line, Wild Kin Botanicals. When she is not busy with her practice, you can find her exploring new places, swimming in natures waters, camping underneath the stars and drinking tea like its going out of style.