Calling Coyote: Q&A’s to ReWild the Heart

Coyote!  Coyote!  Coyote!

My magical child has recently entered grade school, and although she was once outgoing and social, she seems to be losing her desire to engage with school and the kids her age.  Last year she became withdrawn at school (her teachers say) and was faking sick more often than not.  We have humored her frequent “sicknesses” in the past, but this coming school year we would like her to remember her zest and excitement for learning and engaging with the creative world!

Faking Sick


Dear Faking Sick,

Sometimes when magical kids (aren’t they all?) enter into a societally structured environment full of new rules and expectations and standards, they can become overwhelmed or too stressed!  I remember entering Kindergarten being a whole new world of stress for me- what if I wasn’t good enough?  What if no one liked me?  Fear affects us all, and for our littlest ones, sometimes that fear seems inescapable.  As parents, role models, fairy godparents, mentors or otherwise, we are able to stoke the fire of magic within our tiniest of pals or wards and a little imagination sure goes a long way!  Outside of the regular child centric immune system care you can find in the articles in this newsletter, what I recommend for you is crafting a flower essence with your child.  Sunflower, Chamomile, Rosemary, Blackberry or even Daisy would be appropriate in this context.  Take a glass bowl full of water out to your garden and after kissing the flowers or telling them stories or even singing to them, ask them if you can take a few of the prettiest blooms.  Ask your child to listen until they hear a resounding yes and let them pick their own favorites to add to the bowl.  Let them sit in water in the sunshine (or moonlight!) the entire afternoon/night.  Tell your child that faeries or nymphs or angels will be coming to bless the water and flowers and that if they are really quiet, perhaps they will see one or two creeping out to drink with gratitude.  At sunset or in the morning, have your child thank the flowers in their own way- food or shiny coins or something important or a pretty rock or kisses and retrieve the bowl.  Pour the contents into an amber dropper bottle, adding a little vinegar or alcohol to keep it in stasis.  This is your Mother Essence.  Put a label on it and from this bottle, take another amber dropper filled with distilled (or otherwise) water.  Add only 4 drops from your Mother to this second bottle.  Explain that this magic is so strong that we must honor it by diluting it.  Put a label on this second bottle, shake it, tap it with your knuckles twice and say your child’s name.  Hand it to your child and tell them to take four drops of their special magic potion anytime they feel sad or lonely or afraid or sick or in need of a little magic.  Let them create their own stories about it and run away with their imagination.  Watch them with joy as they bloom (and perhaps even join them in the magic and take your own dosage of the essence you created together).


Come in and feel free to browse our selection of flower essences and see what speaks and inspires you, we are always happy to help and answer questions!

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