Calling Coyote: Q&A’s to ReWild the Heart

Coyote! Coyote!  Coyote!

I am a person who experiences a great deal of chronic exhaustion and pain.  I have seen many doctors and tried many things but ultimately, I always find myself back to the achey exhausted feelings.  Over time, because of the pain, my life has lost the luster that it used to hold.  Friends fade away, not wanting to be around me when I am hurting or am exhausted, and things I loved to do no longer interest me.  All I have been doing lately is watching TV and trying my best to do enough work to survive.  How do I regain the sweetness with all this pain?

Hurting for Honey

Dear Hurting for Honey,

Sometimes our lives get the best of us, and all of sudden, we wake up and it’s been months since we felt joy.  I’m not talking momentary fleeting happiness, but true joy with heart strong, centered and overflowing with goodness.  It can be near impossible when experience pain and fatigue to recall that feeling, let alone remember how to regain it in a sustainable fashion.

My personal favorite way to get any sort of anything healing done is with baths.  I think they are very important in city life and take me quicker to animal brain than anything else (I may be part snake).  Draw one as hot as you can handle, throw a handful of Epsom salts in, add Orange and Lemon essential oils, Blackberry, Oregano, Rosemary and Thimbleberry flower essence,  and soak as long as you can.  While you’re soaking, make a chronological timeline in your head (without pressuring yourself) of when you felt happy.  Try to remember the first time you felt overwhelming joy and what you were doing. Then remember the second and third, until you are just daydreaming about joy.  When you leave your bath, wrap up in a fluffy towel, clean and new, remember what those things were.  Make a plan in the next week, month, year, to continue to do those things as best as you can.  Your ability to handle pain will only be strengthened by your commitment to yourself in the now.

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