Calling Coyote: Q&A’s to ReWild the Heart

Coyote!  Coyote!  Coyote!

I work at a desk in a cubicle at a 9-5 job, five days a week.  Have you ever seen those documentaries about animal life, specifically the ones revolving around termites or ants?  Every day I feel more like a worker insect, buzzing or shuffling along. Just doing the same thing over and over again, in front of a glaring computer screen that leaves my eyes red around the edges.  Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about the never ending to do list I have waiting for me the next day.  The weekends always fly by too short, and as soon as I start to feel like myself again, I have to be in bed and ready for the next week of work.  When did my life become so mundane?  The stress piles on and I become more and more numb and less and less involved in my life.  How do I conquer stress while still maintaining the monotony?

Bored Termite


Dear Bored Termite,

I can totally relate to feeling heavy with the mundane things in life.  Sometimes I find myself bored with eating breakfast or even shopping for groceries!  Although getting really present and focused on the moment you are currently in can be a quick fix to getting your zest back, I don’t find that to be a long term solution.  Instead, I recommend texting all your closest pals and leaving the city with them.  Lone wolf?  Friends too busy with their own mundane tasks?  Leave by yourself.  The point of this trip?  Laughter.  I want you to either alone or not be as silly and clown-y as you possibly can.  If you’re alone, make up a comedy routine or tell the trees and animals around you all your best Dad jokes.  Get yourself giggling and don’t let yourself stop the flow.  Laughter acts as a river and it can unstick the most stuck of trauma or boredom type rocks.  Bonus points if you can get your closest friends to go with you!  Find the nearest Chamomile meadow and roll around with them, screeching and cackling as loud as you can.  I promise, nothing will change you for the better more than allowing yourself to be silly, free and best of all LOUD.

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