Calendula After Sun Cooling Spray Recipe


Calendula is renowned for its skin healing capabilities. Boasting with properties such as anti-inflammatory, astringent, and anti-fungal. This herb is ideal for the treatment of minor burns when used topically. It may also be used for external bleeding or wounds, bruising or strains (Hoffman). Combine this skin healing herb with Aloe Vera Juice, Rose Water, and Witch Hazel. Now you’ve got yourself a superb after sun spray that is sure to calm inflammation and cool the skin.



Calendula flowers (fresh or dried)

Aloe vera juice

Rose water

Witch hazel Toner

1 cup of water

Essential oils of choice (I love citrus to brighten and awaken! )

4 oz spray bottle


Measuring spoons

Tea strainer



Start by making a strong Calendula Infusion (tea).

Place a handful of flowers into an 8 oz cup.

Pour just barely simmering water until flowers are covered an inch with water.

Allow to steep until cool.



Combine the rest using a funnel into the 4 oz spray bottle.

2.5  tbsp Calendula infusion

3 tbsp Aloe Vera juice

1 tbsp Witch Hazel Toner

1.5 tbsp Rose Water

5-10 drops of chosen essential oil


Store in the fridge for up to 5 days. Apply liberally onto face and body.

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