Astrology Forecast: Adapt to the Flame of Change

Astrology Forecast: Adapt to the Flame of Change

The month of September will be one of some modification and great change. You may find yourself adapting to a new lifestyle or health routine. There could be a shift in your work or home life. All of this change will prove interesting as as we step into another Mercury Retrograde. Mercury being the ruling plant for Virgos (Aug23-Sep23). Expect the tempo of life to accelerate and consider setting an intention to make extra lists and journal entries to help yourself keep track of important dates and events. Throughout the coming weeks, continue to remind yourself that you are willing to move onto your next stage of growth and are SO CAPABLE of adaptation!

Plants to try: You might seek herbs this month which help to nourish the liver and aid in digestion such as: Fennel (to help counteract flatulency), Skullcap (to tone the nervous system), Licorice (sweetens the blood and reduces fever in the intestine). Other plants to consider are adaptogens to aid in all of these dramatic changes such as Eleuthero and Rhodiola.

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