A Word with Dr. Ose Okojie, ND

Men, Male, Masculine, Muscular, Mean, Mighty, Mad, Master, Monster, Macho, Manly, Mass, Meaty, Malice, More, Money, Mega, Major.

These words are typically associated with men and the male gender. But as we know there is so much more. Fully exploring yourself as a human being will elucidated both the masculine and feminine. There are certain herbs, sounds, colors, and homeopathic remedies that can nurture and strengthen the male system. Libido, physical performance, hormonal regulation, and overall well being can be addressed. Your past medical history and lifestyle are taken into account when formulating a treatment strategy.

To find out more visit Dr. Okojie at the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

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1 year ago

My husband has ependymoma brain tumor, that 2007 had radiation. Then it was doing good until 2015 it started growing again. We did some natural treatments. But it now has him with stroke like symtoms, no use of his right arm shoulder or hand. His speech isn’t good, he has some days of memory loss, then at other times he has memory. He coughs everyone he eats or drinks like he is joking, he has no bladder control, and I think his adrenal glands and lymph are clogged? He has no balance. He is on hospice, and sleeps about 18… Read more »

Amanda Furbee
1 year ago
Reply to  Evelyn

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for reaching out. If you would like to set up a consultation with our Clinical Herbalist you can go to Clare’s page and set up an appointment.https://www.theherbshoppepdx.com/practitioners/

Please let us know how we can be of better service to you!

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