The Witch is Always Home: Poetry by Amelia Weesies

The Witch is Always Home


Who is the woman in the willow tree?

I hear her whispers in the shadows of my cage

A name once worn of Courage

The sashay of movement was a home once lived


Where did I learn to refuse her songs?

For now I wish to know them

Has she vanished, have they banished her for good?

I cry out for her, no voices to be heard


When taught that trust lies out of self

I pursue the shells of others

To search for her inward,

A foolish journey untaken


Long has the pain encouraged change

Have I the mind to listen?

Maybe my heart broken is my heart open

Open, there shines the burning gleam


To step inside is to leave behind

a slew of shells worn out

The choice now mine,

naked is the narrow path


She rises to my valor

and reflects to me my dance

An embrace remembered,

a cage now filled with light


The forgotten whispers of the willow’s branches

and the songs the woman sung

A search revealed a truth known

The witch is always home


By Amelia Weesies

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Amelia Weesies

Amelia Weesies is a Michigan native who was drawn to the west coast for her love of tall trees and an affinity for holistic healing. As a sprite young sunflower Amelia began dancing in her back yard, twirling amongst the tall grass, trees, and throughout her mothers garden. As a dancer her curiosity for movement and its healing abilities allured her into the world of Yoga. While practicing yoga as a means to find union and synergy in her health Amelia was introduced to the world of naturopathy. Experiencing a lifelong challenge with anxiety and panic attacks she finally found herself in the office of a naturopath in Durango, Colorado. Two weeks into completely changing her diet and using herbal supplements Amelia understood that our relationship with food and plants is vastly expansive. Amelia is amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself along with the role herbs play to assist in healing.

Amelia is twirling through and exploring the world of academia and hopes to merge her curiosities of the earth, movement, and spirituality. When she’s not sashaying through the forest or in a down dog, you can find her reading Harry Potter for the seventh time, creating new hairstyles, or listening to The Robcast.

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