Minds Meanderings: Poetry by Kelsey Bostwick

.:::sanctifying catholicon sanctuary:::.

boswellia serrata strokes a symbiotic sonata

through freely flowing givers via the land of five rivers.

he is timelessly known for anointing jesus ungrown.

with his blood he delivers a mystic omen rousing shivers.

pliny the elder tells his tale as a tree who cries golden tears

airing auric augury to heal fears in our sensory story.

salai guggul, a name he is natively called with fervent fame,

summons us to be free & find psychosomatic glory.

he is an ayurvedic antidote for many an “itis”,

bound bronchial breath, molecular mimicry, & crude death.

with turmeric he invites us to feel a touch like midas

that balances inflammatory influx within boundless breadth.

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Kelsey Bostwick

Kelsey Bostwick

As a native of portland’s periphery, Kelsey has often found herself immersed in emerald spaces teeming with moss covered trees, thriving flora & fauna, and the ceaseless cycles of life-giving water. While whimsically wandering through her neighborhood as a child, she remembers opening to the awareness of energy. Noticing that the energy running through her body is the very same energy running through the trees, she began to feel connected to all. This simple seed continues to evolve endlessly into a compassionate passion for nature, all living creations, and the infinitely unfolding universe. A deep desire to help people has led Kelsey on a beautiful journey through psychology, massage therapy, and herbalism. Allowing her intuition to freely guide her path, she now finds herself surrounded by wise healers and mystical medicine makers. Within many moments you will find Kelsey soaring through the community on her bike, reading, practicing tarot, or writing poetry at a cozy cafe, or slowly sipping on the divine alchemy of plants in elixirs of many forms.

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