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Astrological Vitality: Plant-Based Remediation for Sun and Moon Signs with JP Hawthorne

April 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join community herbalist and astrologer JP Hawthorne as we explore possible health conditions and emotional manifestations of Sun and Moon Signs. What do your Sun and Moon Sign say about personal vitality and physical health? Understanding the physical and emotional needs from the cosmic schematic is an expedient and non-invasive tool to learn about our how we are built. And of course the remedies that may assist us. Recommendations include herbal medicines, flower essences, vibrational work, exercises, behavior modifications, and essential oils.   Please come with a copy of your birth chart, or provide details with purchase of the class.



JP is a queer astrologer, magically trained community herbalist, founder/teacher at the Portland School of Astrology. Raised in a racially integrated family in an urban Detroit suburb, he was fascinated by both the plants pushing through sidewalk cracks and by the language and infinite possibilities that the stars seemed to hold. Beginning his journey with astro in 1995, he later wedded the two disciplines and began seeing clients in 2011. In 2013, he founded the community-focused Portland School of Astrology with a focus on anti-oppression–which sees hundreds of students a year. His work with Cosmophilia connects people with both earth and sky, including a line of Astrological Herbals: planetary teas, tinctures, elixirs, sprays and Plants Against the Patriarchy vibrational essences. JP has completed 2 years of herbal medicine school, 3 years of herbal retail, 5 years at the Blue Iris Mystery School, holds a degree in Public Health and even attended university in Sapporo, Japan. He currently sees clients and teaches out of his Portland office, and is writing a book about Astro Herbalism titled BioCosmophilia: the Confluence of Plants, Planets and People. His work has been featured at Portland Art Museum, Portland State University, Reed College, Nike, Marriott Hotels, XRAY.fm, several astrology and herbal medicine conferences, numerous venues and websites. http://www.Cosmophilia.us | http://www.PortlandAstrology.org


Pre-registration through eventbrite until the day before for discounted tickets. Sliding Scale starting at $25.