Astrology Forecast: December 2016 Awake a New Year

Awake a New Year!


The New Moon in Sagittarius this past Tuesday opens the month with a fresh cycle and sense of opportunity. Harmonizing nicely to the rising Yuletide and the Winter Solstice and leading right up to the end of the year!

You may be already be experiencing the first glimmers of the coming Mercury Retrograde shadow beginning on the 19th. It is probably a good idea to try and make and travel plans or send any packages before then! Later in the month, on the 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn beginning the Winter Solstice! Light a candle to welcome the return of our big bright star. Then watch as the days become filled with more light and warmth.

December is ruled by the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter.  Representing a great energy of expansion, higher learning, and growth. This reminds us to be as wonderfully positive as possible! Focus this Jupiter energy on allowing gratitude to fill your heart and begin planning your 2017 escapades!

Plants to try: Plants for this month promote positivity and mind expansion: Juniper (for protection and cleansing), Agrimony (for nerve tension), and Sage (to ward off any impurities).

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Selina first fell captive to nature in the rolling hill of the Bluegrass. Swept up by the incredible words of poet Wendell Berry she began exploring her Kentucky home from limestone caves to the Appalachian Mountains. She spent 3 years advocating against mountain top removal and strip mining for coal in Eastern Kentucky.

Selina traveled to Oregon in the Spring of 2014 for new experiences and to refuel her spirit. She moved into the Mississippi neighborhood the same week The Herb Shoppe Pharmacy opened their doors, and began her internship shortly after. Seeking personal growth, knowledge, and community in a new town, The Herb Shoppe has provided her with a wealth of information, a network of like-minded individuals, hands on training and an outlet to help others.

Enthralled by the natural beauty in the PNW, Selina is an avid camper, hiker, and wild flower lover! She is training to become a doula and is excited to support and empower mothers in each stage of their maternity.

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